What’s the real difference between printers?

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What’s the real difference between printers?

September 20, 2018

The difference between printing companies is the difference between choosing a printer or choosing a partner. This difference can actually impact your bottom line. So when comparing items such as capabilities, capacity and costs, don’t forget to consider the potential for a long-term relationship. You want a printer who works for you and works with you.



All true printers have equipment that can handle most projects. From digital to offset to large format, present day printing machines are built to handle a wide range of jobs cost effectively. It’s critical to know what your printer can and cannot do.

The differentiator is intelligence and communication. A knowledgeable and responsive representative is often the key to a great outcome. Ask questions about every aspect of your job. Know the limitations and manage expectations. Clearly sharing your concerns with an experienced person and getting to know one another sets up both of you for success.



Printing companies often have different printing capacities. So some companies are better suited for producing and delivering large orders quickly and on time as promised.  Matching your needs with a mutual understanding of needs and abilities between the printer and you establishes an effective relationship that serves both businesses.

The differentiator is the trust you build with your printer. Choosing a printer involves knowing the company’s reputation. Check him out. You might want to start with some small projects before you commit to larger ones. Your printer should care about a successful, frustration-free outcome as much as you do.



Printing costs vary depending upon the complexity and size of the project. When beginning a print job, it’s essential to work with a printer who helps you anticipate your needs and provides a comfortable timeframe that works for you. The estimate should include everything from design costs through final delivery. Some of the services to look at are: printing costs based on project requisites; design support; materials; turn-around time; mailing/ delivery services; help and support.

The differentiator is flexibility.  The printer you want to use works with you to keep within your budget. He eliminates unnecessary items, offers realistic alternatives, works with your designers, and coordinates his ideas with yours.


Meet the Press!

To know the difference between printing companies, you may want to visit those companies, tour the plants, and meet the printers. You also get to experience the company at work, to meet the staff, and to spend some time with your potential contact. Walk around, ask questions, introduce yourself, and have some conversations.

What makes one printing company different from another is not just their capabilities. It’s the readiness commit to building your brand and partnering with you to create quality, professional sales and marketing materials that reach your current and prospective clients.

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