The top 3 mistakes made in preparing files for printing

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The top 3 mistakes made in preparing files for printing

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October 29, 2018

1. No bleed
A bleed is an extra space around the perimeter of your layout that extends past the edge of the page(s). File preparers often omit a bleed, which is essential for elements (e.g. images, colored backgrounds) that cross the edge of the trim edge of a page. Once The bleed can minimize the visibility of any slight errors in trimming. For standard formats the bleed is 3 mm on each side. Make sure your images run to the edge of the bleed in order for the images or colored areas to meet the edge perfectly.


2. Low Resolution
The most common fault is supplying files with a too low resolution. If you’re including graphics in your print layout, you need to ensure that they are of sufficient quality for printing. Low-resolution images produce blurry, pixelated print results. High-resolution graphics, by contrast, will look sharp and crystal clear when you go to press.The higher the dpi, the greater the quality; the range is usually 300 dpi to 150 dpi. If your image is insufficiently large, find a better photo to use.


3. Using the wrong color mode
Print layouts should be set in a CMYKcolor mode. These are the ibnks used ib 4-color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). ). CMYK refers to the four inks that are used in four-color printing, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). RGB colors: red, green blue—are only suitable for layouts that will be viewed online or in digital format on screen.Always make sure that your job is set to CMYK color mode prior to print. Using CMYK will result in a significantlymore accurate printed color scheme and print results will not depend on the printer’s interpretation of RGB colors.


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